Move & Resize

In just one drag you snap any window into left, right, top and bottom halves and into all four quarters of your screen.

Switchers Friendly

If you've experimented with Windows 7 or 8, you may have used something very similar and will be pleased to have one of the greatest window management tools on your shiny new Mac.

Keyboard Shortcuts

For all you keystroke lovers, use predefined keyboard shortcuts or create your very own ones that fit your needs.

Real Fullscreen

Go nice, full, edge-to-edge fullscreen by simply dragging any window to the top of the screen and don't mess with that tiny green "zoom" button that almost never seems to do what you want it to.

Menu Bar Assistant

Access all features through menu bar icon sitting right at the top of the screen to be on hand any time you need it.

Easy Restore

Return a window to its previous size by simply dragging it from its snapped position and it will pop back to the shape it had before.

External Display Support

Manage your bigger workspace at the speed of light, even on external display.