Frequently Asked Questions

Can I see Magnet in action before purchasing it?

There is an independent review screencast by iDownloadBlog where you can check out all important features. Watch it on YouTube!

Do you collect my personal data?

Your privacy is important to us. That's why we do not collect any personal information at all.

Why is my window not resizing?

Magnet can handle all standard resizable windows in OS X for you. Magnet can not do anything with non-standard windows used by some developers. Fortunately, such windows are quite rare. Adobe Creative Suite & Creative Cloud apps older than 2017 version is not supported exactly for this reason.

Some apps don’t resize to a half screen and remain wider. What’s wrong?

Certain apps require a minimal width of their window. In some cases the width can exceed half of your screen, particularly on small screens like Macbooks'.

I’ve got older Mac. Is Magnet compatible with it?

Magnet is compatible with OS X 10.9 Mavericks or later. If you can run such OS X, Magnet will be working fine on your Mac.

Can I arrange my windows on different Spaces?

You can arrange your windows in any active Spaces screen. You can not do it across different Spaces.

Why doesn’t my Magnet launch?

The Mac App Store probably just got confused by all the certificate, signature and security stuff. Simply trash your Magnet from the Applications folder and redownload from the Mac App Store. There’s no charge and you will keep your current settings.